The superior cleaning performance of Neo, the floor scrubbing robot from Avidbots, has already been recognized by customers around the world. They’ve seen improvements in cleaning quality and productivity in airportsshopping mallshealthcare centers, education facilities, and other retail, industrial, and commercial spaces. Now, the team at Avidbots has made Neo’s cleaning performance even better, with updates implemented in software release 2.5. 

Through a combination of improvements delivered in version 2.5 of Neo’s robotics software, you’ll see a significant boost in Neo’s cleaning productivity, including increased mapping state speed and increased near wall/detour speeds in some situations. Neo can also now avoid small obstacles without stopping, reducing the robot’s overall cleaning time. And Neo’s cleaning metrics, including “cleanable” and “cleaned” areas, have been made even more accurate in the latest release of Neo’s robotics software 

All these improvements add up to provide an average 15% increase in True Performance (total area cleaned divided by total cleaning time) for our customers, further boosting ROI and helping to conserve resourcesLike all software updates for Neo, release 2.5 is automatically downloaded to the robot wirelessly, so you don’t have to do a thing to get the benefits of these improvements.  

Avidbots’ hardware and software engineers continually work to improve Neo’s cleaning performance and boost productivity for our customers. Automated cleaning robots should be able to clean more consistently, and better than traditional cleaning teams, with minimal human intervention, improving your team’s productivity and your company’s profitability. Neo floor scrubbing robots do just that, with cleaning capabilities that set a new industry standard for floor care.  

To learn more about Neo’s cleaning performance and how Avidbots’ Command Center online reporting portal can give you unprecedented insight into your cleaning operations, schedule a meeting with our sales team.