The use of automation is helping organizations across every industry to do more with less. To help achieve business objectives, technology is being deployed to tackle both internal and external challenges, such as the rising cost of labor and increasing global competition.

It’s a familiar story for facility managers and professionals across the commercial cleaning industry, who are seeking innovative ways to drive enhanced productivity and improve operational standards. Late last year, we hosted a panel of facilities management leaders at ISSA 2018. We invited them to share their experiences with automated cleaning solutions like the Neo floor scrubbing robot and how technology is supporting the delivery of business goals within their organizations.

From the discussion, a number of trends emerged which are clearly driving the future of commercial floor cleaning in leading organizations. We’ve collected those trends and key points from the discussion into an eBook which you can download today.

The Future of the Smart Building eBook provides valuable insight into how progressive businesses are rapidly adopting automation, including automated cleaning solutions, to enhance their operations. Technologies like smart, energy-efficient lighting, intelligent HVAC systems and automated floor scrubbers like Avidbots Neo are delivering significant cost savings and enhancing business productivity while providing compelling insight for operators.

Here’s a short preview of just some of the trends highlighted by the panel. We’ll dive into these trends over the next few weeks, but you can download the eBook now  for a head start. As you’ll learn, the key to greater efficiency and profitability in facility management starts from the ground up.

  • Drivers to Automation
    What are the business drivers that are compelling organizations to embrace smart building automation? How have automated cleaning solutions contributed to labor cost reduction, return on investment, KPI management and business growth
  • Efficiency and Productivity in the Facility
    Today’s facilities are capital-intensive tools used to drive better performance, while supporting and enhancing overall business efficiency. Technology, such as an automated floor cleaning solution, can help not only keep a facility clean and safe, but can do so on an ever-decreasing budget.
  • The Connected Facility Ecosystem
    With advances in connectivity, smart buildings can take advantage of an ecosystem of devices with various capabilities for sharing operational data. How can businesses take advantage of an array of connected devices throughout their facilities, working collaboratively to enhance operational efficiency and productivity?
  • Expanding Human Potential
    Technology has been expanding human potential for decades. In the commercial cleaning industry, floor scrubbing robots free employees from legacy tasks and allow them time to focus on activities that add greater value to customers, coworkers and the organization. How have early adopters managed this change and what are the learnings for facilities managers?
  • Leveraging New Data-driven Insight
    Today’s modern facilities are generating operational data at an outstanding rate. The addition of technology from back offices to front lines provides a wealth of new insight that managers can harness to make better business decisions. How is this data transforming the role and impact of facilities management?
    Read our recent blog post “The Commercial Floor Cleaning and Care Metrics that Every Facility Manager Must Track” for more on this topic.
  • Building Smarter Businesses with Smart Facility Management
    Together, technology, data and employees can help the facility manager meet the critical challenge of high service standards and low operating costs. The Neo autonomous floor scrubbing robot is helping organizations around the world deliver more with less. But, as technology develops and insight grows ever deeper, you can be sure there’s much more to come.

Don’t miss out on valuable, real-world insight from facility managers that are leading the way in smart business automation. To learn more about the future of the smart building and how automation can benefit your facility, download the full eBook.