Make the Neo Floor Scrubbing Robot the Newest Member of Your Cleaning Team.

Neo is the world’s leading automated floor scrubber for large, commercial spaces. Advanced hardware, software and cloud services enable Neo commercial floor cleaning machines to automatically navigate, scrub and dry hard floors, with first-class results.


The Challenge

Facility managers must compete harder than ever to secure and retain profitable business. Rising maintenance costs, regulatory pressures, and environmental issues are important concerns. At the local level, facility managers face significant resource challenges and often encounter unexpected, urgent issues during their day. Leading facilities are turning to an industrial cleaning robot to respond to these and other challenges, including…

  • Growth – As businesses grow and acquire new properties, the need to scale rapidly and efficiently is critical

  • Consistency – Offering reliable and repeatable service quality is a significant competitive advantage, enhancing the trust and reputation of the business

  • Return on Investment – Businesses are more accountable than ever before to remain attentive to spending and to demonstrate quick returns on investments

  • Labor – Rising minimum wages, a shortage of people willing to take on frontline operations roles, a fluctuation in labor demand, labor availability due to sickness and other absences, and the imminent retirement of many baby boomers make hiring difficult.

  • Management KPIs – As the use of technology increases, facility managers are empowered to do less manual supervision and increase their strategic planning

Why Neo?

Why Neo?

Neo is a fully automated commercial floor cleaning machine that eases the burdens faced by today’s facilities managers. It provides high availability, increased productivity, and proven efficiency over traditional cleaning models. The Neo industrial cleaning robot is wowing visitors and improving cleaning in facilities around the world.




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