Neo for Educational Facilities

An Institution of Higher Learning Deserves a Cleaning Robot with Advanced Intelligence.

Purchasing a commercial cleaning robot is not often front-of-mind when it comes to managing the cleaning of schools, colleges, and universities. Oftentimes school buildings are so old that just keeping them running is a monumental task, and even brand-new buildings have their own set of challenges. But that’s not all that educational facility managers have on their plates—they also face pressures from…

  • Inadequate staffing levels due to budget constraints

  • Rising maintenance costs for aging properties

  • Limited management time for planning and reporting

  • Strict environmental regulations

  • A focus on student and staff safety

Forward-thinking educational facility managers are now turning to an autonomous commercial cleaning robot to address these pressures—and are seeing improved operational performance as a result.

Why Neo for Educational Facilities?

The Neo auto floor scrubber from Avidbots provides an intelligent approach to floor cleaning. Neo’s intuitive operation and versatile cleaning features ensure a high level of productivity, uptime, and efficiency you won’t find in traditional cleaning models. See for yourself how the fully automated Neo commercial cleaning robot…

  • Helps offset the rising maintenance cost of aging properties

  • Helps you optimize the allocation of resources

  • Minimizes labor costs and employee turnover
  • Frees workers to focus on more important tasks

  • Ensures you are compliant with environmental and regulatory requirements

Our Customers

When the kids get out of class, it fills up the hall and the robot comes down and it’s like parting the water.

Derek Sylvester, Director of Building Environmental Services at RIT

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