Neo for Facilities Management

The Neo Floor Scrubbing Robot Enhances the Performance of Every Facilities Team.

Facilities management managers are facing increasing challenges to make smart use of their commercial floor cleaner and other tools. They have to maintain their facilities and deliver high levels of comfort, while ensuring the cleanliness and cost efficiencies that their clients demand. Managers also face mounting pressure from…

  • Client demands for continuous improvement and innovation
  • Rising maintenance costs for aging properties

  • Limited management time for planning and reporting

  • Increasing labor costs and labor turnover

  • Environmental and regulatory pressures impacting policies and operating standards

To address these pressures, innovative commercial property managers are now turning to an autonomous commercial floor cleaner—and are seeing improved operational performance as a result.

Why Neo for Facilities Management Cleaning?

With the Neo robotic commercial floor cleaner from Avidbots, you’ll be up and scrubbing in no time. Neo’s intuitive operation and versatile cleaning features ensure a high level of productivity, uptime, and efficiency you won’t find in traditional cleaning models. See for yourself how the fully automated Neo industrial floor scrubber…

  • Improves your ROI and shows your clients you are serious about innovation
  • Helps offset the rising maintenance cost of aging properties
  • Provides the most comprehensive planning and reporting system on the market in tandem with Avidbots’ Command Center
  • Minimizes labor costs and employee turnover
  • Ensures you are compliant with environmental and regulatory requirements

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