Neo for Healthcare Facilities

Keep Your Floors Healthy with Neo the Autonomous Floor Scrubbing Robot.

In high-traffic, 24-7 facilities like hospitals, facility managers must ensure their industrial floor cleaner goes above and beyond the norm to keep their buildings spotless. With miles of corridors and visitors arriving around the clock, this is no easy task. Healthcare facility managers also face pressure from…

  • Inadequate staffing levels due to budget constraints

  • High operating standards compared to other types of facilities

  • Strict requirements to meet health and safety standards

  • Demands for performance measurement and tracking

  • Fluctuating seasonal cleaning needs

To tackle all of these challenges, savvy healthcare facility managers are now turning to an autonomous floor scrubbing robot to help ensure the safety of patients and visitors.

Why Neo for Healthcare Facility Cleaning?

The Neo industrial floor cleaner from Avidbots provides an intelligent approach to floor cleaning, boasting smart navigation, easy operation, and a wide range of cleaning features. Neo’s intuitive operation and versatile cleaning features ensure a high level of productivity, uptime, and efficiency you won’t find in traditional cleaning models. See for yourself how the fully automated Neo floor scrubber machine…

  • Enables a positive patient experience
  • Helps you meet high standards of cleanliness
  • Ensures visitor safety, around the clock
  • Provides cleaning productivity and efficiency metrics
  • Minimizes labor costs and employee turnover
  • Enables healthcare facility staff to focus on more urgent tasks

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