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Industrial Strength Cleaning…autonomously. The Neo Floor Scrubbing Robot Handles the Toughest Jobs with Ease.

As we enter the age of artificial intelligence and the industrial floor cleaning robot, the scope of work for facilities managers is expanding. Managers are now being challenged with meeting a growing need to incorporate technology into their daily tasks—and to leave historically manual methods behind. In the midst of this move toward tech, managers also face ongoing pressure from…

  • Demands to clean and maintain 24/7 production environments

  • Tough scrubbing requirements for industrial floors

  • Strict environmental or health and safety regulations

  • Inadequate staffing levels due to budget constraints or absence

  • Challenge to track and measure productivity and performance

To tackle these challenges, innovative industrial facility managers are now turning to an industrial floor cleaning robot to take their facilities to the cutting edge of performance.

Why Neo for Industrial Cleaning?

The Neo industrial floor scrubber from Avidbots supports smart navigation, easy operation, and a wide range of facility cleaning features. Neo’s intuitive operation and versatile cleaning features ensure a high level of productivity, uptime, and efficiency you won’t find in traditional cleaning models. See for yourself how the fully automated Neo industrial floor cleaning robot…

  • Helps you optimize the allocation of resources

  • Minimizes labor costs and employee turnover

  • Frees workers to focus on more important tasks

  • Ensures you are compliant with environmental and regulatory requirements

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