Neo for Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing and Logistics Facilities See Higher Productivity with Neo Floor Scrubbing Robots.

Warehousing and logistics managers are being challenged to increase efficiency and productivity at a faster rate than ever before, thanks to the rapid growth of ecommerce, expansion of global sourcing, and burgeoning demand for near-instant delivery from both consumers and businesses. Amid these changes to the warehousing and logistics business, managers also face challenges related to:

  • Improving the quality of warehouse floor cleaning, with measurable results
  • Limited management time for workload planning, supervision, and reporting
  • Difficulty recruiting and retaining workers
  • Increasing labor cost, sickness, absence, and turnover

  • Stringent health and safety regulations

To address these challenges, warehousing and logistics managers are adopting automation and robotic technologies, such as the Neo floor scrubbing robot, to increase productivity, safety, and profitability.

Why Neo for Warehousing and Logistics Facilities?

As a purpose-built robotic floor scrubber, Neo is easy to use, with built-in safety features, unmatched, cleaning performance, and real-time performance metrics. For warehousing and logistics facilities, Neo boost productivity, safety, and profitability by…

  • Improving the quality, consistency, and efficiency of warehouse cleaning
  • Providing the most comprehensive planning and reporting system on the market with Avidbots’ Command Center
  • Enabling the reassignment of labor to more important or more complex tasks and projects
  • Reducing employee injuries and absences due to repetitive or dangerous work
  • Operating safely around people, products, and equipment, using advanced sensors, cameras, and lasers for navigation and object detection
  • Letting you choose the right tool for the job, with the choice of cylindrical brush or disc cleaning heads, to fit the cleaning needs of your warehouse

Automated Navigation and Cleaning

The Neo autonomous floor scrubber is simple to operate without special training or programming. Once cleaning is underway, Neo automatically detects obstacles and dynamically updates its route—maximizing cleaning time and performance. Floor plan changes can be synced to the robot in seconds.

Simple, Versatile Cleaning Controls

Neo’s intuitive touchscreen interface and manual steering option support easy deployment for warehouse floor cleaning, with simple configuration settings to suit a wide range of floor types and cleaning tasks. Simple controls allow operators to adjust cleaning settings, including water flow and brush pressure.

Safe, Secure Operation

The Neo automated floor scrubber comes equipped with integrated collision avoidance technology that uses sensors to recognize and work around obstacles. Additional safety features, such as no-go zones, an e-stop button, bumpers, and integrated warning lights, help protect people, products, and equipment, while Neo’s rear vacuum and squeegees keep floors clean, dry, and safe.

A Team of Experts at the Ready

Our map editors, technical support engineers, deployment specialists, and account managers are here to help you launch and optimize your cleaning program. Access 24-7 technical support, real-time operational tracking, and remote servicing by Avidbots technicians to maximize uptime of your Neo autonomous floor scrubber and support local operators.

Advanced Performance Reporting

The Neo autonomous floor scrubber provides a level of oversight and performance measurement that you won’t find in legacy cleaners. With Avidbots Command Center, our online reporting portal, you can access highly detailed reports of every cleaning, including area coverage, water usage, and performance ratings—so you can optimize and conserve your resources.

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