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Autonomous Commercial Floor Scrubber
and Control Center

Managing floor cleaning at a large facility is no easy task. Driving a commercial floor scrubber robot around miles of corridors is just one of the many tasks your employees tackle daily as they work hard to make your customers happy.

Well, we have some news that will change the way you think about floor scrubbing, and leave your customers, your employees, and your CEO with something to smile about.

Meet Neo, the Autonomous Floor Scrubbing Robot

Neo, powered by Avidbots technology, automates the floor cleaning process to lower your labor costs, increase your productivity, and deliver clean, dry, streak-free floors throughout your facility. The Neo autonomous cleaning robot takes the burden of floor scrubbing off your cleaning staff, freeing them to focus on more value-adding tasks.

Avidbots Neo

Meet Neo.

For detailed specifications and to learn more about Neo’s innovative features, download our product brochure

Now Serving…

Neo is a proud member of some of the world’s most progressive facilities teams

Changi International Airport, Singapore
Kansai International Airport, Japan
GDI Integrated Facility Services, North America
Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport, France
Oxford Properties Group, North America
Westfield Group
Compass Group, North America

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