Avidbots Neo

The Commercial Floor Cleaning Robot

The Neo commercial floor cleaning robot turns conventional floor scrubbing on its head. But Neo is so much more than your average cleaning robot. The Neo floor scrubber automates the cleaning process using intelligent, dynamic mapping and obstacle-avoidance technology. Enhanced productivity enables you and your team to focus on more urgent tasks, and leave the cleaning to Neo.

GDI introduced robotics to show clients our commitment to innovation. Avidbots is changing the way cleaning is performed and revolutionizing tasks which have been done the same way for decades. Our experience with the company has been fantastic, and we encourage them to continue to push the envelope.

Craig Rudin, CEO, Superior Solutions

We were very impressed with the innovative, forward thinking team at Avidbots. Their technology was simply better. As a technology school, Avidbots Neo engages both our students and faculty, and supports our mission of putting more robotics on our Rochester, NY campus, and other RIT campuses around the world.

Derek Sylvester, Director of Building Services, Rochester Institute of Technology

We are pleased to partner with Avidbots whose philosophy aligns with our vision of innovation and customer service. Avidbots Neo has been a great addition to our cleaning team and we will continue to broaden the use of robotics in our cleaning program across the country.

Kimberly Train, Director of National Programs, Oxford Properties Group

Avidbots Neo has proven to be a cost-effective and productive tool for our operations team, allowing us to maintain our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation for our clients. Compass Group is excited to offer this innovative technology to the many industries we serve, including education, healthcare, sports and leisure, defense, and commercial businesses.

Paul Rocha, VP Operations, Eurest Services

Hit the Ground Running

Out of the box, Neo is a snap to set up and operate—without special training or programming. After a simple facility-mapping process, guided by our deployment experts, your Neo robot is ready to get to work. Intuitive touchscreen controls allow workers to start and stop the cleaning process (in automatic or manual mode), make adjustments to cleaning settings, and view status notifications. Challenged with a constantly changing environment? The Neo commercial floor cleaning robot automatically detects obstacles and dynamically updates its route—maximizing cleaning time and performance.

Put Safety and Security First

At Avidbots, safety is our top priority, which is why the Neo floor scrubbing robot comes equipped with integrated collision avoidance technology that uses 3-D cameras and laser sensors to recognize and work around obstacles. Additional safety features, such as e-stop buttons, bumpers, and integrated warning lights, will help protect your property, customers, and personnel during operation, while Neo’s rear vacuum and squeegees ensure floors are clean, dry, and safe for public use after cleaning. And because we know you like to keep your people both safe and happy, you'll be pleased to know the Neo commercial floor cleaning robot becomes virtual background noise with an ear-pleasing noise rating of just 72db.

Control Your Cleaning Your Way

Want the flexibility to go manual? With a tap of the touchscreen, operators can place Neo into manual mode for quick or full-scale cleans. Bike-style handlebars and twist throttle allow workers to easily steer Neo and control its speed. Once the manual cleaning is completed, operators can easily revert to the automated floor scrubber mode. Adjust water flow and brush pressure manually for a deeper clean, or just use the presets. Need to buff or strip the floors, in addition to scrubbing? The Neo floor cleaning robot is available with brush or disc cleaning heads for standard cleaning, while various brushes and pads can be easily installed for a versatile selection of cleaning tasks.

Help the Earth – and Your Budget

Neo is not just brains; it’s brawn. Neo’s rugged construction and industry-leading motors and actuators ensure your floor scrubber will be running for years to come. Twin 120L water tanks and industrial strength batteries allow the Neo robot to operate up to 6 hours on a single charge, keeping energy costs low while maximizing productivity. Three filtered water-flow modes efficiently dispense water and cleaning solution to the cleaning head to conserve resources.

Optimize Business Productivity with Avidbots Command Center

The Neo commercial floor cleaning robot provides a level of oversight and performance measurement that you won’t find in legacy cleaners. With Avidbots Command Center, our proprietary, cloud-hosted reporting portal, you can monitor Neo—or an entire fleet of robots—remotely and in real time, thanks to integrated 3G, 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Access highly detailed reports of every cleaning operation, including accurate productivity metrics and sector-level coverage maps. With the Neo commercial floor scrubber, you and your managers will never again be in the dark about the effectiveness of your cleaning operation.

Access Unmatched Support and Service

Our team of expert map editors, technical support engineers, deployment specialists, and account managers work in partnership with your operators to launch and optimize your cleaning program. Get help with initial training and configuration needs, request revisions to facility maps, and access 24-7 technical support for remote issue resolution. With the Neo commercial floor cleaning robot, you’ll have a global team at the ready for all your support needs.

Ready to learn more?

Whether you’re ready to experience the future of commercial floor cleaning, or you’d simply like to learn why Neo makes smarter business sense, we’d love to speak with you.