At Avidbots, we built Neo from the ground up as an automated floor scrubber that would improve the cleaning productivity and efficiency of commercial, retail, and industrial facilities. Unlike other floor cleaning devices, Neo is equipped with an array of advanced sensors that, together with Avidbots’ proprietary AI software, allow the creation of custom cleaning plans for your facility during deployment. And during every cleaning operation, Neo automatically scans its environment to detect and navigate around obstacles, ensuring maximum cleaning efficiency and safety.

Now, the team at Avidbots has made Neo’s cleaning capabilities even better, with software updates that allow the robot to follow more complex paths and to tackle multiple hallways in one cleaning path.

With updates in software release 2.6, which is automatically downloaded, the Neo automated floor scrubber can now navigate even more efficiently complex shapes, such as “C’s,” “L’s,” and polygons. This software release may also allow Neo to clean some narrow hallways – even where there’s not enough room for the robot to turn around – and to link adjacent hallways in one cleaning path. This increases productivity and allows Neo to clearn a larger portion of challenging spaces, as well as simplifies management and operation.

As a software company, we’re continually adding new features and improvements to make Neo more productive, efficient, and safe. These updates further that mission by making Neo even more efficient at cleaning all facility types – no matter how complex – to increase your operation’s productivity and boost your return on investment.

To make sure you get the full benefit of these features, the Avidbots team will review your cleaning plans and identify where the new navigation capabilties can be implemented to improve your cleaning productivity. If you want to learn more about the Neo automated floor scrubber and how its automated mapping and navigation features can make your cleaning operations more efficient and productive, schedule a meeting with our sales team.