Although they may look the same from the outside, each warehouse and logistics facility is different, and each comes with its own challenges. Maintaining clean warehouse floors is one of those challenges since each facility has a unique layout and uses a different combination of human workers, manual equipment, and automated equipment to move products through the facility. But these difficulties are no match for Neo, the automated floor scrubbing robot. Neo has built-in features such as lasers, advanced sensors, and cameras that allow it to clean floors while navigating constantly-changing warehouse environments and automatically updating its cleaning plan to avoid obstacles.

Unlike many robotic floor scrubbers, Neo is offered with three cleaning systemsthe disc and two sizes of the cylindrical brush cleaning heads – so you can choose the right tool to achieve clean warehouse floors, no matter the type or condition of dirt and debris. At Avidbots, we also understand that warehouse floors have dirt and debris that require more than a typical floor pad for cleaning and that using the right type of cleaning head is essential. Use the wrong cleaning system, and you could wind up with debris ground into the warehouse floor surface or damage to the cleaning equipment. That’s why we offer a cylindrical brush option for Neo robotic floor scrubbers.

We know most warehouses and logistics facilities are better cleaned with a cylindrical brush head that sweeps dirt into Neo’s debris bin, where a floor pad would simply grind the dirt and debris into the floor, permanently damaging the floor and potentially damaging the robot. But if your cleaning conditions or floor type require a disc cleaning head, you have that option with Neo. No matter your floor cleaning requirements, Neo has the right tool for the job.

Neo, the autonomous floor scrubbing robot from Avidbots, is leading the way in revolutionizing cleaning operations – boosting productivity and increasing efficiency in warehousing and logistics facilities. Neo was purpose-built from the ground up as a floor-scrubbing robot, with integrated safety features (simple and intuitive controls) and reporting capabilities that tell you what level of efficiency and productivity you’re getting from your floor cleaning operations. And with the ability to customize Neo’s cleaning system, managers of warehouses and logistics facilities are turning to Neo floor scrubbing robots over legacy ride-on and walk-behind floor scrubbers.

To learn more about how Neo delivers clean warehouse floors without damaging the floor surface or equipment, download our new eBook, Boosting Warehouse and Supply Chain Productivity with Floor-Scrubbing Robots.