With intelligent, dynamic mapping and advanced obstacle avoidance technology, Neo is happy to get on with the hard work of robotic floor cleaning – regardless of the type, size, or complexity of your facility. With the Neo commercial floor scrubbing machine, you get clean, dry, streak-free floors while your employees focus on more important tasks. And with twin 112L water tanks (one for clean water and detergent and one for recovered dirty water) and long battery life, Neo can carry on with the task of autonomous floor scrubbing for a longer time, improving the productivity of your cleaning operations.

Previously, when the water tanks needed attention, the operator would pause cleaning, perform the maintenance task, and return Neo to the same location at which the pause button was pressed. This means the operator had to remember exactly where Neo was located when the robot was paused and move the robot back to that location after the tanks were emptied and/or filled. But our engineers recognized that this wasn’t very smart for a robotic floor cleaning machine. Neo has advanced mapping and navigating capabilities built-in, and the robot can navigate without human intervention when it’s in cleaning mode, so it should be able to do the same even if a maintenance event interrupts the cleaning plan.

Now, if the water tanks require attention while Neo is executing the cleaning plan, the operator can move Neo to a convenient location within the cleaning plan to perform the maintenance task. And with software release 2.6, which is delivered wirelessly to the robot, Neo can autonomously navigate back to its previous location and resume cleaning on its own. This frees the operator of the responsibility for remembering where Neo was located when paused and manually moving the robot back to that location, reducing instances of lost localization events while optimizing robotic floor cleaning time and productivity. Check out the demo!

At Avidbots, our hardware and software engineers want to make life better for facilities managers and operators by improving Neo’s return on investment, increasing the efficiency of cleaning operations, and simplifying Neo’s operation. This enhancement to Neo’s autonomy not only improves productivity and ease-of-use, but it’s also another way that Neo makes it easier for you to provide a clean, safe, aesthetically pleasing environment for your customers and stakeholders.

If you’re ready to experience the future of robotic floor cleaning, request a meeting – we’d love to speak with you.