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Want to learn more about automated floor cleaning robots and how they can offer significant operational and commercial advantages for your business? Here you’ll find a variety of facilities management and other industry resources to provide you with everything you need to know about autonomous commercial floor cleaners. From videos, to eBooks, brochures and FAQs, these facilities management resources can help you assess the benefits that automated floor cleaning robots can bring to your business and how it can help your business grow.

Neo 1.7

About Avidbots Neo

Neo is the autonomous, commercial floor-scrubbing robot that’s already a member of cleaning teams and connected facilities across the globe. Delivering substantial benefits over aging technology like walk-behind scrubbers and ride-on commercial floor washers, Neo features the Avidbots Command Center, a powerful cloud-based platform which lets you monitor your Neo — or entire fleet of robots — remotely and in realtime. Neo takes the guesswork out of cleaning performance, providing all the reporting and insights needed to analyze and optimize your facility cleaning operations. Working alongside your current staff, Neo helps facility operations teams improve efficiency and cleaning performance, while freeing up time for more important tasks. This is Avidbots’ passion. We bring robots into everyday life to expand human potential.