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Avidbots Floor Scrubbers – Brochures, Datasheets and other Product Information

Neo 1.7 Brochure Thumb

Neo Autonomous Floor Scrubbing Robot

Meet Neo, the new standard in automated floor cleaning technology. Powered by Avidbots, Neo is our latest generation robot floor scrubber, created to be the new industry standard. Neo has been engineered from the ground up to be the highest in quality, with superior technology and software, reliability and serviceability.

Neo 1.7 Brochure Thumb

World Class Service Plan for a World Class Robot

Investing in the Avidbots Neo autonomous floor scrubbing robot reduces your labor requirements, making your cleaning team more productive. The Avidbots Service Plan maximizes that productivity and protects your investment by avoiding problems.

Customer Success

Avidbots Customer Success Program

Avidbots Neo is the most sophisticated autonomous floor scrubbing robot on the market. But just as revolutionary is the support that Avidbots ships behind each Neo. Because Neo is a connected robot, the Avidbots Customer Success Program fundamentally changes the game and provides a level of support yet unseen in the industry. Whether you are purchasing one Neo or an entire fleet, our world class customer success program is here to help you.

Neo for Airports

Solutions: Neo For Airports

The perpetual drive to enhance operational productivity and passenger experience is a common, but significant challenge for Airport leadership teams. Innovative operators like Singapore Changi Airport and Paris Charles de Gaulle have already turned to automated cleaning solutions to deliver step-change results.

Neo for Facilities Management

Solutions: Neo For Facilities Management

As the workplace evolves and new challenges emerge, facility managers must compete harder than ever to secure and retain profitable business. Rising maintenance costs, regulatory pressures and environmental issues are important overarching concerns.

Neo for Malls & Retail

Solutions: Neo For Malls & Retail

With unprecedented competition for consumer leisure time and destination retailers challenged by the rapid adoption of online shopping, mall operators must reinvent and refine their guest experience to attract premium visitors and encourage spend. The aspiration is now an expectation. It’s time for a smarter approach.

Neo for Warehousing & Logistics

Solutions: Neo For Warehousing & Logistics

As the pace of the modern supply chain accelerates, warehouse facility managers across all industries face the challenge of delivering greater efficiencies and higher productivity, while maintaining first-class operating standards. Leading facilities are now turning to autonomous cleaning solutions to unlock new operating efficiencies.