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What is the Avidbots Customer Success Program?

When you purchase the Neo floor scrubbing robot, you benefit from world-class deployment and ongoing technical support expertise from Avidbots engineers and factory-trained service partners.

Expert Deployment

From the moment you receive your robot, our technicians will be on-site to help you with your Neo deployment. We unpack and inspect Neo, install his batteries, review the start-up process, and get the robot ready to clean your space. Next, we connect Neo to your computer network, review your security requirements and show you how to maintain and replace wear parts and spare parts. Think of it as white glove service for your robot scrubber.

Ongoing Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

Avidbots customer service does not end after our technicians leave your building. In fact, it transforms into a wholly new and advanced relationship. Because Neo is connected, our Customer Success Team monitors your Neo and we work with you to tackle ongoing challenges such as changing environments, construction, temporary obstructions, weather and traffic patterns.

World-Class Training

Getting your maintenance and cleaning team quickly trained and running is one of our primary goals in your Neo deployment. We employ multiple tools to support your setup: training, educational videos, written documentation and multi-language intuitive user interfaces. It is a comprehensive package that gives your staff everything they need to succeed with Neo.

Multi-channel Communication

At Avidbots, we strive to make our Customer Success Program as easy to use as our robots. You can reach us by phone, online chat, or quick response email assistance, so we can always keep your Neo up and running, operating at peak performance. You can even shop for spare parts on our online store anytime, day or night!

Contact us to find out more about the Avidbots Customer Success Program.