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What is the Avidbots Service Plan?

The Avidbots Service Plan covers the inspection, adjustment, and replacement of parts for your robot, three times a year, by Avidbots-certified engineers. Regularly scheduled maintenance and comprehensive inspections will extend Neo’s lifespan, ensuring reliable cleaning and safe operation.

Specialized Service

Maintenance is performed by Avidbots-trained and certified technicians, who are familiar with the unique features of Neo. The Avidbots Service Plan includes proactive inspection, adjustment and maintenance of features exclusive to your robot.

Increased Efficiency

When Neo is operating with all parts and systems in top condition, you’ll ensure fast, uninterrupted, and problem-free performance.

Additional Cost Savings

Preventive service reduces the chance of costly emergency repairs. Fewer breakdowns means less down time. The Service Plan also offers a reduced price for both parts and labor, and it locks in costs, adding control and predictability to your budgeting.

Peace of Mind

Catch any potential problems before they become an emergency, so Management can rest assured that staff won’t get distracted and jobs will get done!

Contact us to find out more about the Avidbots Service Plan for Neo.