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What questions can Avidbots Command Center help me answer?

Avidbots Command Center provides visibility into a part of your business that is often unseen or subjectively assessed.

  • Was my facility cleaned last night?
  • How well was my facility cleaned?
  • How long did it take?
  • How much floor area was actually covered?
  • What was the productivity?
  • How much water did I use?

Avidbots Command Center provides the answer to these questions and more – for every cleaning operation, on every floor, every day. Reports are available for a single robot, or across a global fleet, with visual cleaning maps, at-a-glance cleaning quality ratings and deep, granular insight on demand.

Neo tracks every square foot it cleans and displays the results in a secure, cloud-hosted portal, viewable on smartphones, tablets, desktops and mobile computers. You can track every robot in your fleet and receive detailed information on every clean plus notifications and alerts for a range of events.

This previously untapped data provides a deeper understanding of your facility operations, enhanced visibility of and accountability for cleaning performance, baseline productivity data for audit purposes, or comparison for other parts of your business or market.

Account setup for Avidbots Command Center’s online reporting is quick, easy, and included in every Neo deployment.

Learn more about Avidbots Command Center.