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How are Neo’s cleaning plans created?

A combination of leading-edge technology and human expertise combines to ensure the creation of effective and efficient cleaning plans, with safety and productivity top priorities.

Neo is equipped with an array of leading-edge sensors, including front and rear LIDAR sensors and 3D cameras. Those sensors, in combination with Avidbots’ proprietary AI software and web services allow the robot to create bespoke cleaning plans of the location during initial deployment.

An operator (supported on-site by Avidbots’ Deployment Team) places Neo in Learning mode, then drives the robot around a location manually. Neo’s sensor array scans the environment to create an initial floor plan.

That plan is transmitted to Avidbots’ dedicated Cleaning Plan team, who check and analyse the layout in detail to ensure all fixed obstacles and potential hazards (such as walls, pillars, steps and so on) have been correctly identified as “no-go zones”.

The Cleaning Plan team also work closely with local facility managers to define the optimum cleaning route for each area of your premises.

Over the first few weeks of deployment, Avidbots Customer Success team reviews cleaning operations and productivity metrics are analysed to look for opportunities to further optimise performance.