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How are Neo’s mapping capabilities different to other cleaning robots?

Most robotic mapping is performed via a relatively simple process called “teach and repeat”. An operator manually drives a robot around an area to “teach” it where to clean and the robot records and subsequently repeats that same route during each operation.

However, Neo is equipped with a sophisticated array of sensors, and proprietary mapping software that’s unique to the marketplace. During deployment, Neo is able to scan its environment and build an outline floor plan that includes identification and plotting of walls and fixed obstacles, such as pillars or free-standing displays.

Avidbots’ dedicated Cleaning Plan team review and augment the outline floor plan, working with local teams to identify “no-go” zones such as stairs, elevators and other areas where you may not wish the robot to clean. Detailed cleaning maps are synced back to the robot using Neo’s Wi-Fi/3G/4G LTE network connection within 24 hours and you never have to map again.

During each and every clean, Neo continues to scan its environment, identifying any changes in real-time and updating the cleaning path accordingly.

Changes to your layout, temporary obstacles, or people/objects moving through the space, are no problem for Neo. The robot will automatically determine the most optimized cleaning path to follow, and will let you know when it’s complete.