“The ability to get labor and get labor consistently is becoming more and more of a challenge,” says Craig Rudin, CEO of Superior Solutions, a facilities management company. “Automation is really the next holy grail for us.”

Rudin and three other leaders in the facilities management space sat down with Avidbots at ISSA 2018 to discuss the changing landscape of the industry, and how it drove them to automate the commercial floor cleaning approach. 

Facilities managers have the unique challenge of keeping both customers and executives happy. Providing clean and safe spaces for customers to visit while also ensuring resource costs don’t exceed the budget is becoming increasingly difficult, however, as labor costs rise. 

“We're expected to do more with either less or the same amount,” says Derek Sylvester at Rochester Institute of Technology, USA.

This is why the four facility managers we spoke with at ISSA 2018–and many other innovative businesses around the world–have turned to commercial floor cleaning robots to take on the repetitive labor tasks humans used to do, freeing workers to focus on higher-level tasks. 

“Automation helped us find a more efficient way to produce our service with the consistency of labor that we had,” says Paul Rocha, VP Operations for Eurest Services, “and that continues to be our motivator.”

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