Facilities Management ROI

Make no mistake, the working life of a modern facilities manager has never been busier. Increasingly challenged to deliver better results with fewer resources, managers must extract the greatest value from the people and technology available.

With limited time available in the working day, facilities managers need to work smarter – not harder – to maximize productivity. Technology plays a crucial role in supporting goals. As one of our customers told us, “For us, automation is the holy grail. It is the answer to the need we have to maximize productivity and elevate our employee’s potential. Across every corner of our business there is an element of ‘innovate or die’ and to live, we must constantly be looking for new ways to be more efficient, more productive and more profitable. With automated floor cleaning, we are accomplishing this from the ground up.”

Smart Building eBook

While our Neo autonomous floor scrubbing robot does a great job cleaning floors, another feature that delivers breakthrough value for facility managers is the operational data and insight it delivers after every clean.

As you’ll discover in our recently published “Future of the Smart Building” eBook, a data-driven approach to facilities managementallows leaders to effectively forecast the company’s future. By measuring and understanding the impact your decisions have made in the past, you’ll be able to refine your strategy for the future. From this insight, you’ll have objective, quantitative clarity to support optimization efforts, boosting operational performance and, most importantly, your bottom line.

Leverage Insight for Impact 

However, the world is saturated in data. According to an IBM Marketing Cloud study, 90% of the data on the internet has been created in the last two years alone, with over 3.8 billion Internet users across the planet generating roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day! There is a fear that with an overwhelming influx of data from the connected facility, busy managers simply don’t have the time to analyze and act on the data provided.

With this extraordinary wealth of data available, it is critical that organizations adopt intelligent solutions that deliver actionable insight – not just data – providing-easy-to-digest metrics and recommendations to help manage their operation.

It’s the reason we designed the Avidbots Command Center web app to be super simple to use. We assess the performance metrics of every clean, by every robot, in every sector and provide an overall star rating based on floor coverage, cleaning productivity and water usage. Should we detect an issue with a cleaning operation, it’s flagged for quick and convenient investigation, by manager, supervisor or operator.

Floor plan
You can easily generate in-depth reports, highlight trends and optimize cleaning performance to drive productivity gains and a greater return on investment. But with easily-digestible reports, at-a-glance performance ratings and responsive notifications, Avidbots Command Center delivers the daily insight you need to manage the metrics that matter and deliver a world-class customer experience:

“From the data we receive, we now have an ability to dynamically staff so that we can clean stuff that needs to be cleaned and not clean stuff that doesn’t need to be cleaned. The ability to switch out our workloads and focus on delivering a service to a client that excites them – we can now do that without spending more money – a reallocation of effort and workloading through data.”

Download The Future of the Smart Building eBook to gain critical real-world insights from facility managers in leading organizations who are already harnessing data-driven insight to maximize ROI.