Purchasing an automated floor cleaning solution in hopes of improving your ROI requires you to examine all sides of the investment: Can I afford it? Will the item be useful now and for years to come? Is there a better, cheaper option?  

At the end of the day, though, the questions inevitably boil down to one: Will the return on my investment (ROI) justify the upfront cost of the item? 

It goes without saying that automated floor cleaners come at a big upfront cost. You’ll want to do the research and examine the benefits a floor cleaning robot provides before devoting a significant chunk of your budget to the investment.  

Questions your organization might ask include: 

  • Can the robot work autonomously with a minimal human intervention? 
  • Will the robot keep your personnel, customers, and property safe? 
  • Will the robot deliver a consistent, thorough cleaning? 
  • Will the robot improve productivity? 

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you’re liked to get the automated floor cleaning ROI you’re looking for. 

The Oxford Properties Group found that facility management ROI with Neo, the commercial floor cleaning robot from Avidbots. 

“Our return on investment tends to be between $30,000 and $150,000 per year with this technology,” says Kimberly Train, Director of National Programs at Oxford Properties Group.

Train and three other business leaders discuss their path to automated floor cleaning in the latest eBook from Avidbots. In the book, they share the factors that played into the decision to automate floor cleaning, the challenges they faced in implementation, and the ultimate success they found with Neo. 

Paul Rocha, VP Operations for Eurest Services, found that Neo is paying for itself, thanks to maximum uptime. 

“If you have the space and they're available, you can run that robot 24 hours,” says Rocha. “The return on investment is maximizing the runtime available within your property.”

Download the eBook to learn more about how Neo from Avidbots is improving productivity and profitability for Oxford Properties Group, Eurest Services, and many other innovative organizations around the world.  

Deploying Ebook

In this book you’ll also discover: 

  • The drivers to automation for these organizations. 
  • Deployment strategies for launching a robotic floor scrubber. 
  • How these organizations use data from Neo to help prove automated floor cleaning ROI. 

Get the eBook today to learn how Neo is revolutionizing floor cleaning and maximizing human potential.