As deployments of the Neo autonomous floor scrubbing robot continue to accelerate around the world, we’re now operating in a host of commercial environments. Airports, warehouses, educational institutions, industrial facilities, hospitals, retail malls – each business we support has individual requirements and specific floor cleaning challenges.

They provide our engineers the inspiration to keep making Neo smarter, more versatile and ever more productive. A regular software release cycle, delivered wirelessly to robots around the world, continually builds Neo’s operational performance and business value.

In December, we released version 2.5 of Neo’s software, delivering a swathe of new features for our commercial floor cleaning robot. Last week, we highlighted our expanding language support, with the addition of Korean, ensuring Neo is ready for deployment in South Korea.

Today, we’ll showcase another exciting new feature that’s now available for Neo – No Scrub Zones.

Alongside our existing customer deployments, we regularly test and demonstrate Neo in facilities all over the world. In some facilities, our engineers noticed a variety of alternative floor finishes, raised, ridged or otherwise uneven areas that facility managers preferred Neo to avoid. Examples included embedded tracks or rails for machinery on a factory floor or ridged and studded tiles in a retail mall for blind or visually impaired shoppers.

Some of these floor features require special attention when it comes to cleaning. High pressure cleaning heads, water and detergent could cause damage to those floor areas. Indeed, scrubbing these uneven areas could cause damage to the cleaning equipment itself.

Neo’s cleaning plans already support No Go Zones – areas such as stairs, moving walkways and outdoor areas in which the robot is instructed not to enter. With Neo’s new No Scrub Zone feature, we can define specific areas of a facility cleaning plan in which Neo is allowed to travel but must first stop scrubbing and raise its cleaning head, ensuring safe passage.

In the cleaning plan example below, taken from a healthcare facility, the areas surrounded by a light-purple, dashed rectangle represent No Scrub Zones. These are ridged, tiled areas used for accessibility.

Avidbots cleaning plan showing No Scrub Zone

No Scrub Zones as shown on an example cleaning plan.

The video below shows the feature in action at the facility. Notice how Neo’s cleaning head is raised, then lowered to prevent scrubbing of the ridged floor area.


It’s a simple addition, but a great example of how we’re continually improving Neo to protect our customers’ investment and deliver greater value. As we clean more floors, in more countries, across a wider variety of commercial facilities, our insight deepens, driving a continuous cycle of innovation. The good news is that every customer benefits from the latest features and performance enhancements that we develop for Neo.

We have much more to share from our latest software release – stay tuned.