As one of the most technologically-advanced countries in the world, Israel is an early adopter of automation. That’s why Avidbots is excited to announce the launch of Neo in Israel, bringing commercial robotic floor scrubbers to the innovation-driven Israeli market. Innox Robotics, a division of logistics services company Mehola, will distribute Neo in Israel among Mehola’s 1,700 commercial and governmental customers, which include Israel’s two largest shopping mall chains, the leading grocery store company, airports, and hospitals. 

“We envision Neo in Israel operating in hospitals, airports, logistics facilities, and shopping malls,” said Ruth Katz, project manager at Mehola. “With a severe skills shortage for entry-level jobs in Israel, commercial robotic floor scrubbers like Neo will help all kinds of companies keep their facilities clean that have struggled to fill janitorial positions.”

Israel is one of the most educated countries in the world; it ranks second among OECD countries, just after Canada, for the percentage of 25-64 year-olds who have achieved post-secondary education. Many Israelis pursue STEM degrees at its prestigious engineering universities. Among such a highly-educated population, it’s difficult to find people willing to work in cleaning jobs.  

“Israelis are very connected to creating and adopting new technologies, and they embrace robotics as a way to improve efficiency and everyone’s overall standard of living,” added Katz. “We investigated many floor-cleaning robots, but Avidbots Neo by far offers the most advanced technology, including the latest AI, sensors, and software, and thus delivers the best performance.”

Founded in 1981, Mehola is a leading logistics services company with over 280 employees that provides personnel, real estate, maintenance, and operations services to 1,700 importers, exporters, manufacturers, and warehouses throughout Israel and the surrounding region. Through its Innox Robotics division, Mehola distributes cutting-edge technologies to its customers to help them automate processes to improve efficiency and profitability.  

“Israel companies are leaders when it comes to adopting the latest technologies such as robotics and AI, so we clearly see a huge opportunity for Neo in Israel,” said Faizan Sheikh, CEO and co-founder of Avidbots. “Innox Robotics is the perfect partner for Avidbots to help us expand across Israel and we can’t wait to see where Neo lands first.”