Our Leadership Team

Faizan Sheikh, CEO and Co-founder

Faizan Sheikh

CEO & Co-Founder

Faizan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Avidbots. Faizan has helped develop the Avidbots vision and mission, and he plays a key role with investors and business partners.

Avidbots’ fearless leader was born in Pakistan and moved to Canada at the age of 14. He graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Waterloo. After working on a robotics startup in his final year at Waterloo, Faizan would go on to found Avidbots in 2014 with Pablo Molina – a classmate and friend from his university days.  Together with Pablo and the team, Faizan has built Avidbots into one of Canada’s fastest growing robotics companies.

When Faizan isn’t working on all-things Avidbots, he’s a green tea connoisseur, indoor gardening buff and loves playing board games with family and friends.

Pablo Molina, Chairman, CEO, and Co-founder

Pablo Molina

Chairman, CTO & Co-Founder

Pablo’s vision is to live in a world where robots and humans work together in everyday life. He has been building robots since the early days of his undergraduate program at the University of Waterloo. After graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechatronics Engineering (+Physics option), Pablo received his Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University (Space Robotics). He quickly applied his space robotics know-how working as an autonomous navigation designer at NepTec Design Group before co-founding Avidbots with Faizan Sheikh in 2014.

When Pablo isn’t working with robots or thinking about tasks to automate, he enjoys playing keyboards in music bands, working out, and playing soccer.

Peter Ahn, Vice President of Engineering

Peter Ahn

Vice President of Engineering

Peter Ahn is an accomplished leader with a proven track-record in developing product and technology strategies. A key player of the Avidbots executive team, Peter’s rich history of bringing software and hardware solutions to market — combined with his tireless focus on developing efficient teams and sustainable processes — makes him a double-edged sword of executive and engineering prowess.

In addition to growing businesses, Peter is an avid soccer player. He also regularly volunteers his expertise at local non-profits and charities, helping them develop successful, and sustainable, tech-based business solutions.

Bob Schmalhofer, Vice President of Manufacturing & Operations

Bob Schmalhofer

Vice President of Manufacturing & Operations

Bob Schmalhofer is a well-versed executive with an extensive background in complex hardware such as medical devices. As Avidbots’ VP of manufacturing and operations, Bob brings years of experience in business process improvement, cross-functional team leadership, six sigma, and supply chain management; His professional, courteous nature belies his fearless leadership and ability to command both quality and low cost-of-goods, all at scale.

Outside his passion for making business operations leaner and more efficient, Bob actively enjoys spending time on the slopes, on a trail, or with his family.