At Avidbots, we’re constantly working to improve the performance, ease-of-use, productivity, and safety of Neo robotic floor scrubbers. And with our latest software release, which is automatically downloaded to Neo, we’ve done just that – and made life easier for operators. Here’s how:

  • Increased uptime: To maximize battery life, Neo’s enhanced low battery function shuts off the vacuum after 10 minutes of inactivity and powers down the robot after 30 minutes of inactivity.

    Neo already delivers industry-leading productivity, with up to 6-hours battery life per charge. Our enhanced power management feature conserves battery life when the robot is not in use.

  • Enhanced safety: To ensure autonomous cleaning is always safe, Neo includes features such as an emergency stop button, safety bumpers, and an electronic brake. The emergency stop button provides a way for the operator to immediately halt Neo’s operation if an issue is detected. The operator can then investigate and resolve the issue before resuming Neo’s operation.

    We’ve further enhanced Neo’s safety features with “rollback prevention“. If Neo’s emergency stop procedure is activated when traveling on an incline, the new feature prevents the robot from rolling backwards when operation is resumed.

  • Easier to use: Neo robotic floor scrubbers are simple and intuitive to operate, with touchscreen controls and no special training or programming required. Now, real-time troubleshooting has been improved, with a message that appears on Neo’s touchscreen if the boot-up procedure is taking too long, reminding operators to check the emergency stop switches, which can interfere with the boot-up procedure.

In any retail, commercial, or industrial cleaning team, personnel needs to be confident that the equipment they use is effective, productive, safe, and user-friendly. This is why we’ve built Neo robotic floor scrubbers to have best-in-class run time and cleaning capabilities, simple, intuitive controls, and built-in safety features not found in traditional ride-on or walk-behind floor scrubbers. As always, Avidbots software and hardware engineers are constantly working to optimize these features so Neo always delivers the highest productivity and greatest business value.

To find our how Neo robotic floor scrubbers can make life easier for operators and increase your productivity, contact us or schedule a meeting with our sales team.