This is Neo.

The world’s only truly autonomous, floor scrubbing robot for commercial spaces.

At Avidbots, we know that there is no end to the demands on managers of large facilities. From overseeing cleaning and maintenance to managing budgets, your plates are full. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to optimize your cleaning process while meeting the needs of your customers – and your CEO?

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Expand your team’s human potential with Neo.

Avidbots Neo is the world’s premier autonomous floor scrubbing robot for large commercial spaces, including airports, commercial and retail facilities, educational institutions, warehouses, and healthcare facilities. The Neo robot scrubber automates the floor cleaning process so your employees can focus on more important tasks. Experience increased productivity and a more consistent clean with Neo, as well as:

Increased accountability for your cleaning team

Enhanced oversight into your cleaning operation

Reporting that helps you make better business decisions

Our Customers

GDI introduced robotics to show clients our commitment to innovation. Avidbots is changing the way cleaning is performed and revolutionizing tasks which have been done the same way for decades. Our experience with the company has been fantastic, and we encourage them to continue to push the envelope.

Craig Rudin, CEO, Superior Solutions

We were very impressed with the innovative, forward thinking team at Avidbots. Their technology was simply better. As a technology school, Avidbots Neo engages both our students and faculty, and supports our mission of putting more robotics on our Rochester, NY campus, and other RIT campuses around the world.

Derek Sylvester, Director of Building Services, Rochester Institute of Technology

We are pleased to partner with Avidbots whose philosophy aligns with our vision of innovation and customer service. Avidbots Neo has been a great addition to our cleaning team and we will continue to broaden the use of robotics in our cleaning program across the country.

Kimberly Train, Director of National Programs, Oxford Properties Group

Avidbots Neo has proven to be a cost-effective and productive tool for our operations team, allowing us to maintain our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation for our clients. Compass Group is excited to offer this innovative technology to the many industries we serve, including education, healthcare, sports and leisure, defense, and commercial businesses.

Paul Rocha, VP Operations, Eurest Services

Not your average cleaning robot.

When Neo joins your cleaning team, you’ll get an entire platform of hardware, software, and cloud services, powered by Avidbots technology. Access the advanced analytics and reporting you need to make your cleaning team more transparent, accountable, and efficient. Avidbots provides a soup-to-nuts solution that you won’t find in other robotic floor scrubbers, including:



The autonomous floor scrubbing robot that’s already cleaning many of the world’s top commercial facilities.

Command Center

Command Center

The web app that makes monitoring, controlling and maintaining your Neo fleet incredibly easy, from anywhere in the world.

Constant Improvement

Constant Improvement

With regular software updates and improvements, Neo is like a dream employee dedicated to serving, learning, and growing; He only gets better over time.



The Avidbots reporting tool that provides data to cleaning teams and operations managers with 24/7 remote monitoring, tech support, and issue resolution.

Take floors to a new level of clean.

Neo doesn’t cut corners. Thanks to integrated maps, the Avidbots Neo robot scrubber provides a consistent, reliable clean every time. Sensors and cameras enable Neo to automatically detect obstacles and dynamically update its route while cleaning, maximizing cleaning time and performance and ensuring the safety of people and property. Other features include:

  • Automatic or manual cleaning mode
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls
  • Communication with the cloud via WiFi and cellular
  • Easy-to-install brush heads and pads for changing cleaning tasks

Gain new insight into your cleaning operation.

Manage your Neo—or an entire fleet of robots—remotely and in real time with Avidbots Command Center, our proprietary, cloud-hosted web app. Command Center provides the tools you need to make more informed decisions about your cleaning operation, including:

  • Detailed reports of every cleaning operation
  • Accurate productivity metrics
  • Sector-level coverage maps
  • Real-time status and location updates for your Neo robot(s)

Ready to learn more?

Whether you’re ready to experience the future of commercial floor cleaning, or you’d simply like to learn why Neo makes smarter business sense, we’d love to speak with you.