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This is Neo.

The smartest, purpose-built commercial floor cleaning robot.

At Avidbots, we’re passionate about bringing robots into everyday life to maximize human potential. So we listen, innovate and build robots from the ground up to meet your needs.

Avidbots Neo

What can Neo do for you?

A combination of best-in-class technology, innovative product design, and comprehensive support translates into compelling benefits.

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What makes Neo so smart?

Neo is the future of floor cleaning – a robot purpose-built from the ground up, that seamlessly integrates into your cleaning team to deliver best-in-class features and maximum productivity.


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Neo is purpose-built for autonomous floor cleaning. Neo seamlessly integrates state-of-the art sensor technology, using lasers and 3D cameras, with AI navigation and innovative product design.

Safest Operation

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Neo was designed with safety as a priority. Industry-leading safety features include collision avoidance technology, protective bumpers and flaps, an e-stop button, warning lights, and a low 72 dBA noise rating.

Ease of Use

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Neo’s simple setup and intuitive operator interface makes it ready to run without special training or programming. After a simple facility mapping, a cleaning plan is generated and Neo is ready to clean in just 3 clicks!

Maximum Productivity

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Neo features a rugged construction that’s built to last. Neo navigates within 5 cm (2 in) accuracy and cleans up to 1.2 m (4 ft) per second. Innovative product design allows for the largest water tank capacity and battery configuration, which maximizes cleaning time.

Command Center

  • Neo’s easy-to-use web portal provides real-time and historical visibility into cleaning operations.
  • Since facility cleaning needs can change, Neo allows customization of cleaning plans to ensure the best cleaning possible in all areas.
  • Detailed reports include colour-coded maps and metrics such as area cleaned, productivity, run time, water-usage, maintenance, and other diagnostics.

Meet Neo.

For detailed specifications and to learn more about Neo’s innovative features, download our product brochure







Neo is cleaning some of the world’s best-managed facilities.

Neo helps Facilities Managers tasked with cleaning large spaces such as retail areas, airports, education facilities, healthcare centres, commercial and industrial buildings.

Avidbots also partners with Building Service Contractors, providing them with the set-up and training required to be successful.

It’s time to experience the difference that Neo can make for your cleaning team.

Global Service Network

Avidbots has a global service network covering North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. When you put your trust in Neo to take care of your facility, Avidbots stands behind Neo with our global service network, so you can rest assured that the floors will get cleaned night after night.

Avidbots Service Plans provide the peace of mind of planned maintenance, breakdown maintenance and comprehensive inspections in order to maintain peak performance and increase longevity.

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We’re helping customers around the world clean more and clean better… and there’s so much more to come!

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Avidbots Neo